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~Matt & Julie~

Matt & Julie- Friday Night Lights
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This is a community for the wonderful couple Matt Saracen & Julie Taylor on NBC's "Friday Night Lights."

~ All posts in this community should be related to Matt & Julie. Posts related to FNL or other characters are fine, as long as they involve M & J.

~ Please use LJ Cuts for posts containing 1) fan-fic, 2) an icon post of more than 4 icons, 3) large images or 4) spoilers.

~ Please use headers on your posts. Tags will be added for you by the mods.

~ Respect your fellow posters. No bashing, please :)

Moderator: This community was created by silentwilight but is now run by hide_r.

Sister Site: Considerations: Matt & Julie Online

Credit: The current layout was coded by calixa but all errors are courtesy of hide_r's tweaking. The current header (and two matching icons) were made by lovebit for our December 2008 header contest. Check out her graphics community on your way out!

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